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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Asham played 6 minutes last night. All 5v5. No shots on goals. No fights. No hits. No blocked shots. No takeaways.

Borderline useless.

Boyle would have taken a few face offs, played on special teams.

Putting Asham in because of the off chance he may decide and someone may decide to fight him, is pointless. Its a wasted spot on the bench.

"He's a stand up guy" isn't enough to have him in the lineup. How many fights does he have thus far through 10 games? How many times has he had to stick up for teammates? Where was the reaction to Callahan's injury? The hit on Kreider?

Who exactly is he policing? Who is he protecting?

Its a fallacy.

Provide a shred of real evidence that he's been a useful player thus far, and will be moving forward.
He wasn't on the ice when Kreider got nailed; but Boyle was. You need someone in the lineup who can drop the gloves if the other team tries to take liberties. He is the only guy we have right now. And as I've said he has much better skills with the puck than Boyle will ever have. If you want Boyle in the lineup it will have to be at the expense of someone other than Asham because the role he plays cannot be played by anyone else on this roster.

And btw, why should there have been a reaction to Cally's injury? He dropped the gloves and his arm dislocated. Nothing dirty involved. You make the weakest arguments I've seen on this board. We were 5 for 5 on the PK against one of the better power plays in the league. So, it seems for one night the PK is fine with the guys who dressed. And historically, Halpern is a better FO guy than Boyle and he is clearly a better player. So, again until someone (other than Asham; he's somewhat of a specialist, especially in the Atlantic Division) earns a spot in the press box, BB sits. In addition, Torts has praised Asham more than once this year for his willingness to drop the gloves to get the team going.

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