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02-08-2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I'm not buying this "Boyle's a goner next year because of his cap hit" crap either. We signed Rupp at 1.5M and he is hopelessly worse than Boyle and barely a 4th liner these days. Boyle is extremely serviceable because he will play #1 PK, can shift up to the third line for injuries/slumps/shakeups and even handle spot duty on the top-six wing if absolutely necessary and makes only 200k more than someone we were perfectly fine with not only having almost exclusively as a 4th liner, but who couldn't PK and wasn't even guaranteed to dress every night. Boyle has a ton of value TO THIS TEAM because of his utility. He has value in a trade, but you're not going to get back what you give up in Boyle because his strength isn't that apparent by looking at his stats or scouting him 4 times throughout the year. It's in the versatility that he brings over 82 games at a manageable price. I'm not saying you CAN'T replace Boyle, but it's not as easy as you think. You don't just go out and sign a run of the mill 4th line C and call it a day, and you certainly don't get it done for 700k or less. Well, if you can't get it done for 700k or less than you simply dump Asham for a 7th rounder (if that's all you can get; the Rupp trade suggests you can do a little better) and free up his 1M. The difference between Asham and Boyle is 700k. You keep Boyle 10/10 times and if you're so tight on money that it comes down to the difference between losing Boyle or dumping Asham, you do what you have to do to get Asham off the books, including sending a pick with him to get someone to take him. Depth is important and it's one of the reason's we've struggled early on and one of the reasons Miller will be huge if he is able to stick around and contribute. Having a fourth line like Powe, Boyle, Halpern makes us much deeper than when we started this season, with Rupp, Halpern, Asham (3.2M cap hit) and the cap hit is only .27M higher, at 3.47M. The likelihood of Boyle going anywhere, based on his salary, is nil.
I mentioned I think Boyle is a goner next yr for a few reasons.

1) current depth and contracts in place for next yr.........Richards, Gaborik, Nash, Callhan, Stepan, Hagelin, Kreider, Miller, Asham, Powe...thats 11 Zuccarello, Fast, Lindberg, Hrvik ,Ferrerio, etc etc in CT vying for a spot. They could also sign a guy like Halpern again as a spare.

2)1.7 is alot for a guy that they COULD move for a chepaper roster player, picks, prospects in the off season. Then they really dont have to worry about signing RFA's McD, Hags, Step

3) Depth on D is McDonaugh, Girardi, Staal, Del Zotto, Stralman, Bickel.......6 signed for next yr. McIlrath is on the way but maybe another does it not make sense to deal Boyle for a Dman in the offseason?

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