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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
My troll dectetor is picking up activity. New account. Historical inaccuracies. Saying "Kolvalchuk doesn't add enough to the team over Brouwer". Suggesting a trade of a 2nd, Schultz, and a grinder for one of the best offensive players in the league.

Is BradD trying to make a comeback?
Sorry I'm really not trolling. I truly believe Kolv is way overrated. He's just as overrated as Parise was. Are they both good? Absolutely, but I highly doubt he would bring much offensively to the caps THIS year that would change things around. And my point is that we'd have to give up way too much to get him. Then he'd make us a decent team, not good enough to win a cup and he'd walk away and go somewhere else. I wasn't saying they'd take that trade. they wouldn't AT ALL. Of course not, I was saying that's the MAX I would even give away.

He is a great player, but he wouldn't bring enough to the team to turn things around before he becomes a FA and leaves. Unless they signed an extension then traded him. Then I'd all be for losing Brouwer, Poti, slap a first rounder in there and I'd take him. I just highly doubt he'd stay for long.

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