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02-08-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Just to add as well, I think the whole idea that TNSE will be ultra-loyal to Noel might be a little bit of a fallacy.

Yes, it's true they barely changed coaches in their Moose days, but it's really not analogous. The Moose missed they playoffs what, twice in their entire existence? And one of those was the gong show first year with Jean Perron as head coach. Not to mention the coaches they employed were top notch for the AHL level.

I like Noel and feel confident with him going forward, but I don't think his job security is appreciably greater than any NHL coach.
This is true also, however it doesn't -disprove- that they are ultra coach loyal.

It's kind of moot though... we don't know if they think Noel is doing poorly or not. They wouldn't admit it if they did... I think the bigger question here might be; is the organization happy with him?

I like what Dale Hunter did with the Caps (which are now falling on hard times). I like that Dale has a system, and players MUST play within that system or they sit... Ovechkin all the way down... no one is immune. I would have tried hard to convince him to second guess retirement.

Hunter took a team that was fairly loose (IE: Jets street hockey style) and forced a defensive system down their throats. I see a very similar solution would be applicable here where I believe in our core player base, but not the methodology steering the talent.

Hypothetically, in an alternate universe where we have Paul Maclean (I also like his coaching system), and Ottawa has Claude, where would those respective teams be now?

Just some things I ponder from time to time.

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