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02-08-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
Drew, come on. You've reverted to shouting about "drinking the kool-aid".

And the responses to you are correct, he's 22. You're right, he's been abysmal in the playoffs so far. He needs to be better. But there's nothing magical about the playoffs that makes it different from hockey. Players try harder, and there's more mental pressure and stress. That's all.

He's a proven 2nd line center. he's had a sub-par 10 games to start the season, and managed to put up 5 points regardless.

Stepan isn't a goalscorer. Yes, we expect him to chip in, but that's not his primary role, it's not his strength, and it'd be foolish not to play to a 50 point player's strengths.
And this is what myself and a handful of other posters have a problem with about Stepan. This team is expected to contend RIGHT NOW and for good reason. You need a guy at 2C that brings more to the table offensively than Stepan. You just cannot, CANNOT in our division get away with a guy who's "primary role" is not to put up a serious amount of self-generated points as your #2C. Other teams look at our bottom 3 lines and laugh. If/when Miller comes back down to earth OR if by some miracle they decide to send him back to CT we're gonna have the same problems we did before he got here. No secondary scoring because our anchor on the 2nd line is a defensive minded playmaker with poor speed a poor shot and who decides to show up 10% of the time. If he's so adequate defensively which I believe he is, play him on the 3rd line until he either A) gets his head out of his ass and decides to make some plays in the other team's end zone or B) he develops a set of hands and a shot overnight

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