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02-08-2013, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by mich25 View Post
Will the Bruins even do anything this year?

We have 2 players we need to consider resigning - Rask and Horton. Depending upon how they will do this year we need/ed Thomas's 5 mil to go towards re-signing both of them. I think we can all agree resigning Rask & giving him more $ (most likely) and a longer deal is in the plans and important. He is at 3.5 mil and will be looking for a raise I'm sure. I can see Rask getting 5 mil or close to that with his next contract? Horton will be looking for more $ too obviously, but how much is really dependent on how well he does this year. I think the B's will resign Horton. The players and team seem to really like him. Then we have Ference who I feel like Chiarelli loves and will probably want to resign as well, even though I wouldn't mind seeing him walk for the price he is currently paid.

So, I think like Chiarelli said this is a deal that will allow them to resign some players and make some moves if they need to. Nothing major I think this year, and possibly a bigger UFA signing in the summer?....
What does re-signing Rask and Horton next year have to do with this year's trade deadline? If they're just looking for a rental for the Cup run that is...
A guy like Iggy has no bearing on their ability to sign their players next season as he's only on contract through this season

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