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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
craig coxe, an undistinguished heavyweight who fought all of his era's big boys, told us during his hockey camp twenty years ago that the guy he and everyone else feared the most was kocur, not probert. probert was mean and could rag doll you, he said, but kocur could put you in the hospital with a single punch if you let up your guard for just one second. the difference between being embarrassed and/or beat up and having your career flat out ended.

but of course, if you're a goon playing detroit in the late 80s, you had to contend with both. yikes.
Yeah the Bash Brothers were in a different world. If Probert didn't get you Kocur would. Judging how this board reacts to the slightest of checks, they would have fainted watching the Bash Brothers play. In fact most of them would quit watching hockey all together watching those two play.

That said, still not seeing the love for John Ferguson that I think we should be seeing. Some say he was the most feared and best enforcer there ever was.

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