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Originally Posted by Cory Trevor View Post
Hi Everybody!

I just recently returned from spending three months again in Bulgaria, my girlfriend is from there. It's a beautiful country with a rich and vibrant history. Anyways, the Eastern European culture is in large part, a reflection of those values imposed by Russia throughout the past century. That's not a slight, or a positive note, it's just a fact. Every Bulgarian I met said three things about Russia: "1. We don't like Russian people, 2. Russia freed us from the Turks and 3. We will forever be indebted and thank the Russian people, even though we don't like them."

One of the things that I have noticed(besides the fact that I'm not able to read Russian which helps when watching Russian broadcasting) is that no other country in eastern europe has really had an impact on the hockey world. The Czechs and Slovaks I consider central but I just didn't know why there really hasn't been any additional extension further south in Europe. It certainly is cold enough in the winter to support it and with its proximity to Russia, I didn't see why this area has never been expaned(outside of Kopitar that is)

1. Russia and Bulgaria have probably on of the most complicated relations between slavic nations. For example Bulgaria fought on the side of the Nazis in WWII then swaped sides in 1944 to name a recent example. The bulgarian xenophobia I don't really get is full of ignorance. I'm not talking about all bulgarians. But this kind of attitude is there. The "we don't like russians" part is pretty laughable. If the regard the soviaet era, why russians? We didn't have only russians in the Soviet Union. It's the same if I'd mix up bulgarians and serbs for some reason. In my experience most bulgarians who talk like that can't really explain what they actually don't like about russians.

Originally Posted by Cory Trevor View Post
a reflection of those values imposed by Russia throughout the past century.
That's not accurate. First of all why Russia again? And then I could not really see it in different eastern europaen countries. There is abig difference between politics and ordinary people's life. In most case the national culture and tradition actually prevailed over any political ideology from above.

2. I would consider Czechs and Slovaks eastern europeans.

3. It's NOT cold enough in most of those countries. Still there were good hockey schools in the Soviet Union which just fell apart after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Latvia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are the ususal suspects. Well Latvia is too small a country to become a real force, but they a doing well now with Dinamo Riga in the KHL and a formidable national team. Kazakhstan and Ukraine pretty must lost everything there was regarding their hockey schools and will have a tough time coming back. Kazakhstan of course lies mostly in Asia. Still the have the potential, but it would take a lot of time and money now. Ukraine is too warm and a football crazy country. There are ppl now trying to work on their hockey future, but I don't see them succeed big time in the near future. That's the countries with soviet hockey roots. Other eastern european countries dont' really have the tradition, mostly because of the climate.

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