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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
We got a centre, considered to be a "brilliant playmaker" with 2 passes in 10 games. (Both passes in PP).

We got two snipers/powerforwards considered to be goals scorer on the team....with a combine 2 goals so far. Gallagher got the double of that all by himself playing 5 minutes less per games (2 minutes less in PP).

And i'm hearing....let's wait, it's kind of normal??
Playing 16 minutes a games with a whooping 3m30 in PP?

Last 3 games, they got the best powerplay time.
Top minutes every last 3 games. (Even Plekanec's line got the less amount of time, even if they produced better than anybody else)

What did they do....only one passe from Pacioretty on a 5 on 3.

The whole line is not working.
Not only Cole.

Cole played like 30 secondes with Galchenyuk and Gallagher and scored.
It's true you don't see him go as hard on the wings.....but still, he create time and space with his 25 hits. Cole is sniper.

Pacioretty still got 6 passes in 6 games, but Pacioretty is a sniper.

Who's job to feed those snipers?

Eller played well lately....
It's a good point, actually. Four of MaxPac's 6 assists have something in common: Andrei Markov on the powerplay. And the one goal that Cole and Desharnais both got points for was actually a Desharnais goal from both wingers. The puck really doesn't seem to be distributed through that line the way it "should", or the way we'd expect if DD was a) on top of his game, or b) as good as his biggest supporters would have us believe. MaxPac and Cole basically seem to be on solo mission after solo mission out there, with DD rarely catching up to the play, or not getting open offensively to receive a pass when either guy gets pressured so he can redistribute the puck.

As for your last line there, it's interesting to note that in limited play between Cole and Pacioretty last year, that line was technically more productive at even strength than having DD between them (3.3 goals per EV min with Eller vs. 2.8 goals per EV min with DD - 5.3 goals per EV min with Plekanec between them, btw). I've been thinking that they should have a longer look at this possibility for a while now, but then what do you do with DD? He handcuffs possible line juggling more than any other "top 6" player I can think of.

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