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02-08-2013, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by matCH penalty View Post
60/40 in favour, I'd think. Could be considerably more if Desharnais wants what Bergevin considers to be an unreasonable sum, and there's a shortage of skilled fast centres at the trade deadline. The hockey media is silly, and NHL GMs like to hand out stupid contracts based on shaky past performance (Hello, Jason Garrison and Scott Gomez!), so I could see a situation where Desharnais is a valuable trading piece.

I'll definitely be back. I didn't know this thread was around until today. Eller's my favourite player on the team, so it's nice to see other people care . I'm really hoping Denmark makes it to Sochi so I can complete my Montreal Olympics jersey collection: Czech Team Plekanec, Team Canada Price, USA Pacioretty, Russia Markov, and Denmark Eller.

As for why Galchenyuk... the kid's just dynamic. Skating needs some work, and he could stand to put on muscle. But he reads plays so well, he doesn't make too many mistakes (at 18!), he's great at face offs, he works well with our PMD. Our player development/draft guy Trevor Timmins saw something in him before the draft and it's turned out right so far. He makes everyone around him better.

I believe he alternated wing and centre in the 3 point game. The last one was on the Power Play with a huge lead, so Therrien was trying combos out.

Watching him play in Montreal, it's kind of hard to say. If you look at some games from last season when he was playing with Andrei Kostitsyn (particularly in the last half of the season), it was pretty evenly split. He'd often distribute the puck and move to the net or call for it and take shots, but he'd also let the winger carry the puck in and take passes/one-timers. He's good at face offs, though. But there's no reason he couldn't be a winger for line with Galchenyuk for example, and split duty at centre or to protect from bad draws in the defensive zone.

Kostitsyn's gone, but we've got Rene Bourque, who is playing a pretty good version of his game this year. I could see a Bourque-Galchenyuk-Eller line happening in the near future. There's a lot of speed, quality puck control, and passing there. Too bad chemistry can't be so easily predicted.
Haha well I am really nervous about tonights game, Denmark have to win it So im hoping you get your danish OG jersey

There is no doubting Gally's potential and what he already brings, that's some great scouting. I was just curious as it seems Montreal are lacking a big strong Defensive D.

Makes sense if Eller can continue to alternate.

It's great to get some inside opinions on Eller and not just this madhouse

Id really like to see Eller on the baby line, aswell. Gally - Gally - Eller would be a very dynamic line and he could be there to calm down the play and be the responsible player.

Anywho, great to hear what a habber has to say

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