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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
And again, you would be completely clueless to put BGL in the top 15. I gave you a list of players that were/are much better than BGL. Now, go back look at that list and tell me how he is better than any one of those players.
Me thinks, you started watching hockey a few years ago, if you think BGL ranks anywhere near the top 10.
Go look at the list and justify what you say.
Actually, next year it will be 20 years I've watched the game of hockey.

Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
As someone already said, I would rather be the 30th ranked QB than the number 1 rated kicker in the NFL.
I'm much more into so called soccer, than football, I don't understand your example because I have no idea what is the role of QB and kicker in american football.

How in the world can you put someone that averaged 5 minutes per game top 5 is beyond thinkable. And at one point in this thread you had him above Dirk Graham. Do research and understand the players before the last decade before making ridiculous statements.
It's my opinion and I've used same logic which brought Gainey in the HOF. He was the best in his role, nowhere near the best or the most talented in NHL. Was he better than Makarov? No. But why he is in and Makarov not? Impact and level of excellence in their roles. Afro-American players are quite a small group of players so such level of role play as Laraque had played stood up more. Not to say his impact off the ice. Someone mentioned O'Ree and his impact and made a case for him being high on the list. Same apply for Laraque, IMO. You doesnt have to agree. C'est la vie.

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