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Originally Posted by jigglysquishy View Post
If we're talking playoff robberies how about Gretzky in 84. 9 more points than Messier, yet lost the Smythe. Or in 87 where Wayne once again lead the playoffs in scoring, yet lost to the losing goalie.

Gretzky was the MVP for all four of his cups, and would have won again in 93 if Roy didn't stand on his head.

Messier was a great playoff performer, but let's not pretend his impact on those first four cups was bigger than it was.
Find me an Edmonton Oiler that doesn't rave about Messier being the reason they flipped a switch in the Finals. Running over Potvin, scoring a beauty on Smith, and keeping Trottier in check.

Originally Posted by Boston Globe, May 1984
Should they prevail, [Mark Messier] stands to reap rewards beyond the shared glory of the Cup. As the triggerman of the Oilers' offense - and the neutralizing force that has helped shackle the Islanders' superlative center, Bryan Trottier - Messier has emerged as the frontrunner for the Conn Smythe Trophy, which is awarded to the most valuable player in the playoffs.

Exploiting his Mr. Universe physique and style, Messier has led an unprcedented Edmonton attack that has throttled the Islanders in Games 1 (a 1-0 victory), 3 and 4. As Wayne Gretzky, another Edmonton center, observed, "Forechecking is the best defense." And Messier has been the Oilers' foremost forechecker.
They switched him over from Left Wing that year because they knew he could do more than just score goals with his skating ability, and he was the most dominant complete player in the Finals, even if he was ultimately outscored.

And in addition to that complete game, he also did score. A lot.

1984: 8-18-26 in 19 games
1985: 12-13-25 in 18 games
1987: 12-16-28 in 21 games
1988: 11-23-34 in 19 games
1990: 9-22-31 in 22 games
1994: 12-18-30 in 23 games

It takes more than Wayne Gretzky to win a Stanley Cup, so no, people aren't pretending Messier's impact was bigger than it was.

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