Thread: Value of: Evgeny Kuznetsov to Edmonton
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02-08-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
Total supposition. Until Kuz is over here, we have no idea.
Correct... so it would follow he cannot logically have the same value as those who are known quantities at the same age... sorry, but facts and reality win out... not your fantasies...

There is a reason he dominated a russian team that ALSO had Yakupov and Tarasenko on it.
Because he had ten points against a weak team and was double shifted in the third to get there... wow, great player... love the attitude...

If Kuz isnt at Hall and Eberle's potential level, than neither is Yakupov
Please tell me which of these is not like the other...

Player A: 10 GP 5-3-8, age 19
Player B: 1X 50 point season, age 20
Player C: 2X 20 goal season, age 21
Player D: 1X 30 goal season, age 22
Player E: 10 GP, 3-3-6, D, age 22

Player F: 0 GP, 20

So no, Kuznetsov is not at any of their levels... and we won't know if he even is for two years... when players A through E will be playing in the NHL and contributing and developing against the best... continue to push your fantasies though... very entertaining

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