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02-08-2013, 12:02 PM
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Oh lol, I misread your post and missed the 'do want stiff boot' part. I read it as 'do not'. Haha my bad.

In that case, if you can get the One80s for a good price, they're amazing. Comparable to the older One90s. Ignore what I said before than.

Well to be theoretical, yes, stiffness is definitely a preference thing that also should be proportionate to frequency/level of play and ability. Not everyone wants ski-boot stiff skate boots, as evidenced by the many X 7.0 vs APX skates in the NHL, Nexus boots, Graf etc. There is definitely a threshold for everyone, but it's personal preference.

esidebill; I'm sure others can give you better insight, check over at MSH. I believe that it will make the pitch of your skate feel a bit more neutral instead of the aggressive forward lean characterized, in part, due to the Cobra holder.

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