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02-08-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Shaman Jones View Post
Your disagreement here is over semantics, not ideas. I was in no way suggesting that rebuilding does not or should not take time, but the #1 priority at any stage of the rebuild has to be moving the team closer to the Stanley Cup (which we are in agreement on). You can't make every team a Stanley Cup contender in one off season, but you can get every team closer. And I don't see that coming from this front office at all.

The Zanons and Hunwicks, those are treading water moves, not long term team building moves. Extending Sacco after missing the playoffs two years in a row, with very few players progressing in their development and some seemingly regressing, again, just smacks of a front office content with mediocrity.

Does anyone honestly detect a drive, a hunger to win another Stanley Cup from the decision makers on this team? What I see is a drive to assure the team doesn't lose money and a desire to take care of Lacroix's good ol' boys network, placed at a higher priority than developing young players. Where does the Stanley Cup fit into that?
This team isn't ready to push for the cup. They don't have a coach good enough to take a team that far, and the best players are still mostly too young to drag a team there. That's why right now the thing to get to a cup faster is to give them some proven NHLers to play with while they grow, and keep your options open to plug the remaining holes on this roster.

That's what Sherm's done, he's gone out and acquired 1 top pairing dman already, a franchise goalie, and found wingers for our 3 centers. Now injuries and booziness have wiped out that winger depth, but Sherm is still adding cornerpieces to a championship team, and trying to surround them with solid NHLers that they can continue growing alongside. The defense is terrible, and not finding a suitable partner for EJ has been his biggest shortcoming so far, but he's trying to do this without handicapping this team when Landy, Dutchy, Varly, EJ and ROR come into their primes, so I'm okay with him not pulling a calgary and signing Widemen.

The only real problem I have with the team is the coach. Otherwise I absolutely think this is a team putting together the pieces to win some cups.

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