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Originally Posted by fallsviewafro View Post
HARTLEY. Oh God Hartley. They are buying what he's selling, and its great. Its astonishing to see the difference with him at the helm instead of Butter.
I told you guys. The Flames have plenty of weapons. Hartley knows how to use them. Sutter had no clue. Hartley gave the Wings plenty of pain as the Avs coach.

Hudler/Cervenka. LOVE these signings, especially Hudler, and Cerv is cheap icing on the cake.
I told you Hudler would be huge for you guys. I'm still upset with Holland about that, especially after hearing recently that the big problem with bringing him back was "having a higher cap hit than Franzen" Really Kenny. AYFKM? Hudler's the better player, hitting his prime, and he can't have the higher cap hit? Even if you sign him and trade him the same week (like San Jose and Setoguchi), don't just let him walk for nothing!

Irving. He did very well in his debut last year and has performed up to the expectations put on him so far. I'm hoping he kicks it up just as Kipper did.
Irving proving that his performance is not a fluke is definitely key to Calgary's next few years; IMHO Kipper has at most one or two years if he's not done now (possibly due to the lockout, as many were in 2005).

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