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02-08-2013, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by LeafShark View Post
When doing comparisons, you should look at city population before metro-population.

Winnipeg 663,617
Quebec City 516,622

NHL Cities with less than 500k in City population:
Anaheim 353,643
Pittsburgh 311,647
Saint Paul 287,151

Boston 645,169
I don't understand why you spent the time to dig up city proper population figures when all they do is contradict your (bolded) claim. The reason why metro numbers are much better than city numbers is that municipal boundaries are the result of various political and historical processes that have nothing to do with "market size". I don't buy for a second your argument that the NHL does better in Canada because "more of its population is closer to the city center", especially if you think city proper population is in any way related to density.

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