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Originally Posted by Autograph View Post
My concern lies at the point of where Irving must be leaned on as a #1 - I want to give him a chance, but it's not easy when you have had a wonderfully consistent player such as Kiprusoff the last 8 seasons perform as well as he has behind a lackluster, offence-deficient team.

Like someone else said, I can't believe the hand-wringing over Leland Irving.

You're deluding yourself if you think Kiprusoff has been "wonderfully consistent" over the past four years or so. He has only been so relative to his backups, who have been atrocious.

You're never going to know what Leland Irving can and can't do if you don't give the guy a chance, and of all the other goalies who have worn a Flames uniform in the last seven years he's the one who has shown the most promise and deserved a chance. Yes, he may have been a little shaky last night, but HE WON. That's more than we ever would have expected from Henrik Karlsson, Curtis McElhinney, Phil Sauve, Brian Boucher, etc. And quite frankly that's about all we could have expected from Kiprusoff this season.

Maybe you weren't paying attention to the first six games of the season. Kiprusoff certainly hasn't stolen any of them for the Flames.

Jan. 20 vs. the Sharks? Crap.
Jan. 21 vs. the Ducks? Crap.
Jan. 23 vs. the Canucks? Great in the losing effort.
Jan. 26 vs. the Oilers? Mediocre at best, the team didn't win because of him that's for sure.
Jan. 31 vs. the Avalanche? Terrible.
Feb. 2 vs. the Blackhawks? Mediocre, but not his fault the team lost.
Feb. 5 vs. the Red Wings? Great. Easily his best game of the season, the 40 mins he played anyway.

Was Irving great last night? No. 'Adequate' perhaps, but I don't know why you'd be expecting any better. I don't think you would have gotten better from Kiprusoff.

If think every Flames fan should be very happy with Leland Irving's performance. He's a Flames backup who won a game. Let that sink in! When's the last time a Flames backup goalie was consistently good enough in a given game to actually win? Other than Curtis Joseph's brief term with the Flames a few years back they haven't had backup goaltending as good as Leland Irving since Roman Turek and Jamie McLellan in 2003-2004. Coincidentally Kiprusoff's best season ever...

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