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02-08-2013, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Tarkanian View Post
It was not the Caps fan base that were pathetic there generally good, it was just you for that sad little post. You want to trade Kuznetsov for players who have more value then him and then you get all hurt when we point out it's not gonna happen, go read back through the thread apparently the big 5 are the only things that are not trash on the Oilers, if that not dissing then i dont know what is. You can keep Kuznetsov and hope when he shows up in 2 years that he pans out but in this point in time no GM (not just the Oilers) is going to give you anything is the level of our big 5 for a guy who has not played in the NHL and wont for another 2 years at least, maybe that will change and Kuznetsov will turn to to be the next Ovie for you guys but until that happens his value is no where near what you seem to think it is.
What you don't seem to get is that, Kuznetsov's PRICE TAG that Washington defines doesn't change because of his probability of coming to the league. His PRICE TAG is high because he is a high end talent. And if he ever comes to the NHL, he WILL be a high end player. His Russian connection and associated risk impacts how much teams are willing to PAY. Washington is not going to trade him at what people are WILLING to pay, but based on the PRICE TAG set out by his potential. If he was some scrub 3rd liner, of course Washington would move their PRICE TAG. He isn't some scrub.

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