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02-08-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by MessierII View Post
Pretty debatable most who watch all likely disagree.
You mean most edm fans.I'm not saying anything disparaging about those 2 players.The 3 of them (their respective stats)are pretty comparable N.Schultz .17ppg & a( -) player in his last 6 seasons- L. Smid .14ppg( - )player 4 of his last 6 seasons
K.Ballard .31 ppg(-) player in 3 of his 7 seasons.
Again I am not saying Smid or Schultz are poor players but Ballard is just as good defencively & playing in the top 4 will put up more points(read upgrade).
I'll grant you he has had a couple of seasons where he could not get into the top 4 struggled with the system & injuries but that seems to be behind him now & neither Smid nor Schultz would be in vancouvers top 4 either.

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