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02-08-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
If netflix can produce 12 series as good as this, HBO/SHOWTIME/AMC are screwed.
I want them to produce a sitcom, the networks are doing a poor job atm. I don't see how making more than a few series like this will continue to be profitable for them. The entire $ they're getting from this series must be from product placement+maybe some DVD type deal or cable rights later on+new subscribers. At some point, the amount of new subscriptions will plateau by say the 7th or 8th series they produce so then does it become cost effective? It would be nice if they can continue to do it but there are so many dramas on TV that I don't really care if they do.

The problem with the show and also one of the nice things is that you can watch on your own time but since some people are finishing ahead of others, you can't really talk about it unless you wanna be a spoiler.

Anyways, this season looks like they setup the rise and based on the ending, next season looks like it will be the fall.

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