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02-08-2013, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
What are the chances this Christopher Dorner guy is trying to expose the corruption of the LAPD? I'd like to believe that but he has already killed two innocent people (a young couple) so it's impossible to be on his side.
The police nearly killed three innocent people in Torrance yesterday and the media just keeps glossing over it. It actually kinda feeds into the criticisms this nut job has had about the LAPD. It is unfortunate that he went about his retribution this way. Had he become advocate against police violence, he might have actually accomplished something but now the media is going to paint him as the nut job he is even though there may be some merit to his grievances about being fired and the overall climate of the LAPD. We'll see what happens but that shooting in Torrance is not going to end well for the LAPD or the Torrance PD for that matter. How in God's name they can shoot at two mexican ladies delivering newspapers and dismiss it as an accident is beyond me. The media should be making a lot more noise about that because it is inexcusable.

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