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Originally Posted by MJMazzarone View Post
Wasn't sure where to put this but I was interested in buying a seven game plan as I had an all-star plan last year.

Devils expect me to pay $850 dollars for a seven game plan? For two tickets when I'm looking for three? Yeah OK... I was told discussing the possibility of buying season tickets that tickets in the 100 level of the Prudential center would be $25 a game. Therefore 25x3x7 = 525. Therefore I should be paying 525 dollars. Not nearly 1 grand. I love this team but they seriously can keep their overpriced tickets when I can get 7 games for way less on the secondary market.

Now I was looking to be as close to the aisle as possible in any area of the 100 level. Seriously. Any area of the 100 level. Cheapest I know is balcony so over there most likely.
Why would you expect the Devils to give you the same discount that season ticket holders (who pay for 24 games this season) get when you are only paying for 7 games?

More tickets you buy = more discount.

If you buy one ticket, you're paying a helluva lot more than the cost of that same seat per game for a season ticket holder. If you buy seven, you're still paying more than the season ticket holder but much less than the guy who buys those 7 games from Ticketmaster individually.

You can most likely get 7 games for cheaper but they won't be big name opponents, weekend games or in the 100s for the most part. You're also saving the time and stress of monitoring stubhub constantly for seats..

There's a lot of things you can gripe about ticket wise with this team but that's not one of them.

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