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02-08-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
I predict that IF Luongo is moved, it wont be until the offseason because needing a backup to come along with the package further shrinks the teams who would be able to accommodate that stipulation.

So in the offseason , if its Luongo , and not Schneider, who is moved, the deal will not get any sweeter and gms will not offer any more than they already have. Nobody ever questioned his ability , but they question his contract and his age .

No GM in their right mind is trading for Luongo based on how he is playing right now alone. That is suicide at his age with that contract. Its so short sighted that it would be a wet dream as a Canuck fan and uttery insanity for the other team.

Putting myself in the role of a rival GM , such as the leafs, I offer Ashton, Colbourne and an unconditional 1st in 2014.

Thats a gift for the canucks. Dont think so? See how much Luongo is worth 2 years from now. How much 3 years from now?

Look at J S Giggure. He has a cup and Conn Smythe trophy . Hes worth dog crap now.

I believe Luongo to be worth far more to us than he is in trade to another team.
i cant see nonis moving a first round pick. not just for loungo, in general. he saw how badly the last time a first round pick was traded for the leafs, i dont see him taking a chance like that. the other two pieces are probably not a problem though. i get the impression that nonis wants nothing to do with the contract as well.

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