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02-08-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Tarkanian View Post
First from the guy who's teams is paying Ovie that brutal contract, your calling Hall's contract foolish ?? Second Oilers will be freeing up close to 15 mil or more in cap space in the summer along with already being 16 under the Cap (which will be going down so will what RNH and Schultz sign for) and then Hemsky's 5 mil will come off the books are next season and he will have to take a paycut or not be coming back i'd think. Despite what people think we have enough talent coming up to replace what we may lose in third and fourth liners and Gagner and Smid are the only two due raises next year and it wont be that substantial (4 each i'd think). Oilers will be fine they have more than enough space to re sign the 3 guys left on ELC and still field a competitive team.
For your information, I am not a Washington fan. The sheer idiocy of your argument has brought in a third party individual into the argument - that should tell you something about the quality of your argument. Ovechkin has had many seasons where his GOAL totals eclipsed Hall's point totals. Ovechkin has NEVER produced as little as Hall has. Hall is not the player Ovie is, even at Ovie's worst. Ovie had proven himself for many seasons before he received his contract (individual hardware, absolute domination) - how much has Hall done before receiving his? 53 points isn't worth 6 million.

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