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02-08-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
Are you kidding me ? Subban is worth Kane. He is a top pairing Dman, which Byfuglien is not. If you want to make that type of assessment, I guess you would think Kaberle has a good trade value... Byfuglien is terrible on Defense.
Actually, Subban is not worth Kane, despite your claim to the contrary. Their values as players may be arguably similar but their contracts are not. The salary cap era practically requires players to be traded for near equal value contracts in return, from a value perspective.

Kane is signed to a six year deal. The risk to carry Kane on a payroll is defined by his salary + bonuses + term.
Subban is signed to two years. The risk to carry Subban is salary + bonuses + term.

Kane = 6 years guaranteed at X cost
Subban = 2 years guaranteed at Y cost + ?term +?cost

The risk and cost to carry Kane for six years is defined. The risk to carry Subban beyond two years is unknown from both a cost and term perspective. Given that cost certainty is a must from a planning perspective in the salary cap era, then Kane carries MUCH more value than Subban at current - because it is defined.

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