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07-05-2006, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Problem is Dave, who's the judge ? Who decides what's fair or infair ? Does a guy Like Brunet suffer for what someone else does ? Does Red Fisher lose access since Todd's a dick ? You don't legislate freedom of the press because you don't like it. If they cross a line, libel laws exist.

I'm sure if the J de M is deemed as being very close to the line, it is hinted to their people that their access will be affected. Nothing as dumb as a ban, because that would be great theater for any media outlet. A hint is passed on that your paper may not be called on as often as others in pc's. Maybe La Presse will get a scoop. You can pay someone back, but more often than not, classy people take the high road. I think some media members do deplorable things. otoh, if something juicy about a Habs' personal life shows up tomorrow, we'll have 6 threads and 100 pages by lunchtime. So lets go easy on the indignation.

BTW, the Theo pictures, I never saw 'em. You want tabloid stuff to disappear, don't look at it.
I agree with you........

But maybe than can reduce the number of journalist covering the Habs to one.....we don't need 3 guy of J.Montreal in the locker room after the game???

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