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First, I'd like to thank TheDevilMadeMe, seventieslord, overpass and all other participating members for the time and effort they spent on this project.
Secondly, the main reasons that I wasn't involved in the discussion was time and preparation. The time zone-differential made me miss the heated debates that would cool down when I time read them, so I focused the time I had available to fully read and weight each voters argument.
Thirdly, I think it's important for the voters to share their thoughts and reasoning behind their votes, specially those that weren't as active in debating as other and since I was one them, I'll hereby explain how I viewed and ranked the goaltenders.

Let me just say that I view these HoH-lists as continuing process of iteration, and with that I mean that in time they'll continue to get better and better as the voters have more material to work with, more knowledge of the players and more experience of the project in whole. These lists serves as a superb guide for those that searches for information about certain goaltenders rank among the greatest (top 10, is he better/worse than X? and so on).

With that said, I will start by explaining my round 1-list.
I prepared for this project by making a standard criteria of what I was looking for in a "top 40"-goalie, so my list and my votes would be cohesive throughout the voting-process. I think this is important to do, else you end up judging different goaltenders by different criterias.
Though I should say that I don't think I did very well in this. Like other voters, I had some goalies that I was very unsure of, the further down the list it went, the more I shuffled and tweaked it.

Here's my initial criteria:
  1. Tournament consistency (SC, WC, OG, Euro)
  2. Winning potential(how much of a factor the goaltender were in an important game)
  3. Historical significance, style and character
  4. My eyes (when viewing older games)
  5. A careful prognosis on the active goalies*
*I think it's important to put a distinct criteria for how voters should view active goaltenders. It's clear that people views this differently and it can have great effect on the end results. In my opinion the Eligibility part used in this project ("Players currently active are eligible, but should be ranked based on what they already did") was too subjective and I would prefer if a line was drawn.

I also adjusted my round 1-list so it would fit what I thought was the pool of goaltenders available. I sorted my initial list by era, which I then compared to a pool-chart that Czech Your Math posted here:
This is how it looked:

This should hopefully explain why I had some active goalies ranked that high.

Over the years that I've read about hockey and by watching the playoffs more closely, I've come to the conclusion that most players and management involved in hockey rank and value the attribute of winning to a greater extent than journalists and other spectators. I think this attribute, clutchness, mental toughness or whatever it's called, is more important for goalies than for anyone else, since they play the largest role in the team. Therefor I chose to rank winning goalies or goalies with playoff success like Broda, Fuhr, Holmes, Worsley, Richter, Ward, Hextall higher than normal and non-winning goalies like Esposito, Joseph and others lower than normal.

I value International success, since the games there is a lot less forgiven for weak plays than a random regular season game (specially those that in one way or another is pretty much meaningless).

During the voting, I reviewed each goaltenders playoff-record, which team they won against and which team they lost to and calculated these factors in my ranking. It is extremely hard to separate team-success from individual success when it comes to goaltenders, I therefor chose to be more sceptical to those that where only succesful with a team loaded with other highly estemed players.

With that said I probably had a couple of goalies ranked too low, most notably Esposito, Gardiner, Joseph and Luongo

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