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Originally Posted by blasted_Sabre View Post
Bit of an OT rant, but it applies to the draft. Been listening to talk radio a lot lately and some calls are bugging me. So here i go......

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of hearing from Leafs "fans" about how Dougie "Norris" Hamilton is the greatest dman since Orr, while in the very next sentence tell us that unless we pick top 5, were getting garbage player?

HELLO! Hamilton was picked 8th!

Then the other day, after the Carolina game, the radio was full of calls

"Gee I wish the Leafs could draft a kid like Jeff Skinner. What a stud. Were going to be picking 7-10 and wont get anyone nearly that good"

Hello! Skinner was picked 7th!

Then probably my favourite "We need Getzlaf and Perry! This team is going nowhere. Going to be stuck with a draft pick out of the elite talent"

Hello! Getzlaf and Perry are mid-late round picks.

Theres one host in particular who keeps cutting off the elite talent at 4 (in any given draft). Im almost certain hes doing it to discredit us drafting 5th last year and taking Rielly.

Im not saying that the chances are just as good at getting elite talent after the top 5. However, it is not impossible. Heck, Schenn was drafted 5th (supposedly cant miss elite) and look at he is (a good serviceable player). Myers was taken 12th in that same draft.
I posted the same thing in a thread a few days back. There's no mediocre pick #, just a bad pick. Heck if we want to pick at a certain #, pick at 12th overall. since 2005, players picked at 12th overall, Marc Staal, Bryan Little, Ryan McDonough, Tyler Myers, Calvin Dehann, Cam Fowler, Ryan Murphy (baerstchi at 13th overall), Mikhail Grigerenko. There's some pretty good players on that list.

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