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02-08-2013, 01:00 PM
vadim sharifijanov
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number one has to be brimsek. full career, even though interrupted by the war. two cups and a 1st or 2nd team all-star all five years before the war. came back and put up three more (straight) 2nd team all-stars and made a third finals after the war.

second tier would be guys with long careers and high peaks, including at least one excellent playoff run. barrasso and beezer, and miller possibly joining that tier when all is said and done (vezina plus he began his career with two ECF appearances in his first two years.)

third tier would be the guys with short but spectacular peaks. thomas, richter, and to a lesser degree mike karakas. richter has the fuller career, but not by as much as we might think, thomas with the otherworldly peak.

time will tell where quick belongs, and i guess also miller. but as it stands, i think both are above the "field" (jon casey and hebert, with jimmy howard possibly rising to the top of that pile by the time his career is over). i don't think dunham even belongs in any discussion of a top ten, or is much if at all distinguishable from dipietro, terreri, brian boucher, etc. i'd already put quick's short career with one elite season above dunham's long-ish career of not much.

1. brimsek
2. barrasso
3. vaniesbrouck
4. thomas
5. richter
6. miller (can climb)
7. quick (can climb)
8. karakas
9. hebert/casey (better sustained regular season peak vs. one single, anomalous playoff run; tough choice)

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