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Originally Posted by Schalkenullvier View Post
well, granted I don't put much stock into playoff performance due to the small sample size. His choker label is somewhat overstated imo... the problem is that he has that reputation and so all that he does is labelled as choking quickly. For example against the Kings last year he way his team's best player, then gets tken out for a shakeup... people call out Luongo. Same with the 2010 olympic final, he finds himself alone against two US skaters with 25 seconds to go, and people say he almost lost Canada a gold medal. I have never heard Ryan Miller being called a choker, although it was him that let in the softie golden goal.

Against he Bruins it was much of the same, he dd let in some bad goals, but his team just rolled up and died mostly. Let's not forget that Timmy Thomas also had a few rough games in those playoffs, but his team gave him enough support and he made up for it with elite performances otherwise. luongo also had great games in the final; two shutouts, and a win in OT. But his team scored 8 goals in 7 games. Not even timmy would have won with that. Let's not forget Lou was in the Conn Smythe discussion had the 'nucks won. And he didn't choke in game 7.

My point? I think the "Choker" label is given out much too quickly these days in north america. I'd much rather have a goalie like luongo who has proven himself in the regular season than a goalie who is mediocre but had some good playoff runs, à la Roloson. Nothing in Tuukka's game tells me he won't be an elite goalie.
fair enough argument but I don't agree. I would rather have a guy who is known to step it up in the playoffs even if they are not as good regular season then a guy who is great regular season but does not step it up or even takes a step back in the playoffs.

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