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02-08-2013, 01:39 PM
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If you have 800 dollars to spend on a phone then you should have no problem affording thousands of dollars for tickets. Some of us don't and some don't enjoy having to be resorted in sitting up in the 200 level for games. I realize that's where a lot of season ticket holders are but honestly it is so hard to enjoy a game from up there. It's so packed, no room, the view is worse (logically) then what you get then in the 100 level. For the best view of the game and to see plays develop the 100 level is the best way to go. Although if you are going to try and justify to me spending over a grand for seven games - which mind you don't include any big name opponents then we will be here all day. It's ridiculous.
Aside from the part about financials (because that doesn't relate to the discount you should receive)...

1) So basically you want to sit in a great seat for an amazing price? and if you don't get what you want, you're going to complain? Entitled?
2) What package are you even looking at?

For 1 seat in the 100 mezzanine sides (great seats, first of all) you're looking at $73 for premier games, $63 for classic and $53 for special. All 7 special games comes out to $742. All 7 classic $882. All 7 premier $1022.

Hell for the Ranger game, you couldn't even get a ticket on Stubhub for less than $90. I paid around that to sit in the 100s balcony. So they saved you big time money on that game if you had selected it.

Only way you're paying $850 for a pair in that plan is if you are doing all/most classic games.. in that case, you get what you pay for.