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12-16-2003, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Native
Trading Koivu would be a serious mistake for many reasons (I'm not in favor of trading Ribs either). Trading because he's apparently not a good enough Captain, or leader, isn't so vocal, cliques etc... are either nonsense or just plain petty. The prerequiste of captaincy goes beyond who is the most talented or who has the biggest mouth.

Koivu is character. Tell me someone who has more because I'd like to know, on our team or any other. Some teams were required to watch Koivu's return from cancer, as motivation. What does that say? Talk is talk, and it's cheap. Koivu has demonstrated, to himself and everyone else, that what he has to offer goes beyond words, idle cliches to pass around between periods. He possesses an extremely large heart, high level of resiliency, determination and countless other characteristics (including exceptional talent) that scream Captain, leader. Just looking at him should be enough motivation. Peca, Primeau? No thanks, not for Koivu.

Trading away your most talented player makes no sense. Didn't Houle try that already? Where did that get us? You're supposed to trim away the fat and not the meat.

BG is a character guy as well. He's taken some hard knocks in the "real" world and came out on top. Like Saku. What we need are more characters like Saku. The problem isn't him, it's the lack of characters like him. Saku's got little influence? Ask Souray about that and then ask him who he credits his turn around to. Remember, when Souray came to us, he wasn't the fearless, confident player he is now. It puzzles me so much why some players require additional motivation, pampering. What those guys require is a healthy dose of realism and perspective to realize how fortunate they are. Give me just one of their paychecks and I'll stop pucks with my face.

Trading Koivu will undermine the stability of our team. We need stability. The "cursed" Captaincy. I wish Saku the same fate as Yzerman or Stevens. Captains for life. Loyalty is one main attibute that defines a true team, and fans for that matter.

My two cents. Peace.
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