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12-16-2003, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
I'm shocked he'd even make that one up (and let's be real, he made it up) because Peca just isn't French enough for him.

I think the 110% title actually refers to the percentage of fecal matter these individuals are made of.

TQS should be embarassed and no wonder the Habs went all with RDS when you get these vacuous pimples deriding the club every chance they get. You wanna know where half the Hab problems come from look no further than the ridiculous Montreal Press - including in no small part the wheezebags from 110%. You watch that and you can see bigotry at its finest.

I'm with you Guy. I've said precisely that on Fanhome for years. Fortunately, we finally have a GM who won't listen... hopefully, as opposed to Houle who took them as gospel.

I wouldn't label it a media conspiracy, but let's just say that journalists and the Hab GM have a different agenda: one is to sell papers or attract viewers, while the other is to put together a perennially competitive team. Those of the media who don't have the penmanship or capacity for analysis of a Eric Duhatchek or a Mathias Brunet compensate by sensationalism. The only problem is in fact the viewer or reader often confuses the first group with the second.

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