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Originally Posted by pfp View Post
Waiting for Sunnucks to report there is now a fourth bidder for the team.

I gotta admit if I won the Powerball 3 times in a row (what are we talking $500-600 million?) I don't think I'd buy the team. Figure $170 million purchase price; I figure I could hire the right bean counters to cut the losses in the first 5 years to $20 per year adds to $270 million. Then figure I'd want to be able to blow thru at least that much on myself - clothes, cars, fine dining, summer cruises, summer homes, buy a suite at Cardinals stadium & a Loge box at SDS for ASU games and now we're up to $570 million. Plus the wifey is going to want half of whatever I get, so that adds up to $1 billion and $140 million dollars. Then my first cousins and closer relatives - will probably need another $60 million just to shut them up when I win all that money and start blowing it, so now I'm up to $1.2 billion dollars.

Minority investor, now say a 5% or even 10% interest... obviously would take less bankroll for me to consider doing that.

Hell, if I won the lottery I wouldn't care where the team is, I'd just buy a nice loft condo in whatever city they moved to, buy a suite in their arena so I don't have to engage with too many poor people, go to all the home games, go to all the road games (and get seats on the glass for the road games), bring the wife and son with whenever they wanted to catch a game with me.

I know if I became one of the 1 percenters, I'd change, oh boy how I would change... anyone thinks I couldn't be more unpleasant... just give me $500 million dollars boys, and then get out of my way lol.

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