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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
1. If you feel Elliotte Friedman is credible (I do), Kessel is pretty much the opposite - he is a person who is "unbothered" by the fishbowl dynamic because he doesn't read the paper or listen to the radio, he just goes out and does his thing. Friedman compared him to the Sedins in this respect and said that when they were approaching UFA not just Toronto but Montreal as well were ready to commit huge amounts of money to attract them because they felt they wouldn't wilt under the pressure.
His mannerisms suggest otherwise. While I do believe the media sensationalizes his supposedly "shyness." He does not appear comfortable when badgered by the press. That does not he is necessarily bothered by it, more a preference. Of course this is conjecture on my part and merely an observation. I also find the Sedin comparison out of place. Neither Daniel or Henrik express a withdrawn tendency Kessel is known for.

2. If you don't accept that line of reasoning, how the heck does Phil Kessel (who would instantly become one of the team's top scorers, highest paid players, etc) somehow become exempt from belonging to "our media focused core" - what does that even mean? He might not be seen as the team's leader or figurehead but he would certainly come with high expectations and be given a major role in line with those expectations.
Daniel, Henrik, Kesler and Luongo all hold precedence during any media scrum. Therefore, Kessel would sink beneath the limelight by simple virtue of not being the immediate draw. Obvious exception are to come based on game results and whatnot but more often than not, he is not going to garner anywhere close to the attention he currently does in Toronto. A good example of this is James Neal. He may have had the quietest forty goal season this past decade, and all because the media is Crosby centric.

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