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Originally Posted by Hanji View Post
How was Hasek less technically proficient than a Brodeur? More unorthodox? Of course. However everything about Hasek's game was technical and calculating. Perhaps no goalie in history understood angles like Hasek did. It was unpredictability by design.
He played horizontally. I have a problem with that. High-wire act. Lack of rebound control. Had he not been playing behind exceptionally adroit, flexible & talented defenceman, absolute Murder. Wouldve been killed. A liability. You suggest that it was unpredictability by design, and no question a complete outlier who was thinking outside of the box however, they were not sketches, renderings, colour applications that I cared for. Panic. Harem Scarem.

What shouldve been the mundane in terms of making a save & controlling rebounds, efficiency, economy of movement inexorably requiring sensational efforts, unnecessarily. Too much art, not enough science, weak skater, stickhandler, didnt communicate with his players. An island unto himself with but one bizarrely windswept Pinwheel Palm Tree desperately hanging on for life. His actions often resulting in Force 9 Gales. Definitely a crowd pleaser in that regard, but not waters anyone should attempt to navigate, let alone replicate in terms of playing the position, yet here we are, and I see it all over the league with the modern BF goaltenders. Dont like it Sir, nope, not one bit.

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