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02-08-2013, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Yes and no.

What you fail to take into consideration is that Subban is carrying a significantly low enough current salary to make it well worth the risk of not having him signed for those 4 extra years at the significantly higher cap value that Kane is currently at. You are also not taking into consideration positional bias. For whatever the reason, potential elite defencemen have more value than potential elite wingers. Supply and demand are essential determinants in establishing value.

So, "yes", if looking at skill, position, and contract, Subban is equal to Kane at the least, and possibly more than Kane at best.

If also looking at team needs, there is no value in the deal for the Jets because they are in far more need of Kane and his skill set than they are in need of Subban and his skill set. It does not matter if Subban is or is not an upgrade over any of the Jets' defencemen, it matters that the Jets do not have any other winger with Kane's proven skill set in their system to replace him, and they are not gaining anyone in the deal with the skill set to replace him.

This is turning into one ********ing silly thread with no better reason to exist than to piss on other teams' players. One would hope it would get closed sooner than later. People aren't even discussing the damned OP anymore. Sigh...
Hello, Drydenwasthebest, nice to see we are on the same side of the fence again.
OT:Since this OP is pretty much a nonstarter, I have a question for you based on your handle! What do you think of Pavelec--we are angst-ridden on our board about our goaltending--and what, if anything, would it take to pry Price loose?

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