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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
Hockey teams have huge costs? Huge in comparison to what? They pay for a building, maintenance equipment, practice facility, player salaries, employee salaries? For the oligarchs, these are petty change items, pennies, farthings. Don't you understand that most of these owners have no way of even noticing their hockey losses? Do you think Abramovich even notices any petty losses in his English Premier League football operations? A few teams aren't owned by exceptionally rich individuals, and they may end up in jeopardy, but that was all factored in at the outset. They expected some franchises to drop out. Let's say someone like Abramovich started losing $100,000 a day, every day of the year. Assuming no other revenue coming in, which is probably absurd, my calculator tells me that Abramovich could lose $100,000 a day for 264 years, until the year 2277. Hockey costs are nothing, especially in Russia, where operation expenses are lower. Any positive cash flow is just gravy.
lets have a look at CSKA owner - Rosneft

We invested about 23 billion rubles in the social sphere in 2012: built eight new kindergartens, 47 - repaired, two schools - one school in Ingushetia at all from scratch, in Stavropol, a deep modernization of school spent almost a new school also emerged, further 38 schools repaired , two new playgrounds and made ​​about 10 repaired. This is a significant component of our work.

If we believe these numbers, Rosneft spent approximatelly 761 000 000 USD for social projects last year. How much money does Rosneft spend in CSKA for one season? 30-40 mil USD? Thats nothing for them.

Of course, not every club has Rosneft type of company as sponsor/owner.

Interesting news a few days ago. TNK-BP will sponsor Avtomobilist Ekaterinburg in year 2013. Amount of money is not releaved. Everyone can google about TNK-BP and its connection to Rosneft.

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