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02-08-2013, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Remember2004 View Post
LOL what? I'm a Flames fan and no matter who you are you can't

justify that.
This post for the most part is bias.
Unless its 2013 and the internet exists. Then you goto and look up the stats. For those who didnt know you could track stats

Dubnyk has played more games, has better stats on a worse team. Granted its a small sample size but after the all star break Dubnyk looked good and is doing it again this year.

Over the summer both are proclaimed number 1 goalies. Dubnyk goes on to have an awesome 10 games while Schnieder immediately loses the starting job. Granted he has Lou as competition not Bulin but if he is Jesus Christ reincarnated like Canuck fans have been saying for 3 years you would think he would out duel Bobby Lou for the crease.

In the long term Schnieder may be the better goalie but currently he isnt showing it and the difference between the two isnt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> like gets posted every time this trade gets brought up

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