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02-08-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03;
Not only that but Boozer is a shorter term then Andrea isn't he?
Yes Boozer has only 2 years left. Bargnani has 3 years left. It really is a good deal all around. We get a PF who can bang and is a crafty scorer in the post and can score in a myriad of ways down low. He shoots over 80% from the FT line and will grab you 10 boards a game if playing 33+ minutes. Plus he can shoot over 50% from the field. Bargnani brings only the FT shooting nothing else, plus he doesn't have the intangibles which you need to succeed in the PO's, like to bang with the other bigs in the league (Manimal, KG, Bynum, Duncan, Randolph, Dwight, just to name a few).

Bargnani is younger, on a cheaper cap hit and can shoot 3's but at a terrible efficiency rating. That's really all he has on Boozer. Oh and I guess he's a better man defender and shot blocker. But that's not saying much.

Found this post interesting too for you guys to draw your own conclusions from:
Boozer -

- PER: 18.15
- 15 PPG
- 8.5 RPG
- 29.5 MPG
- USG 23.76
- TS% 54.9
- AST% - 72.3
- FGA - 12.8
- FG% - 53.2
- DRtg - 95 (points allowed per 100 possession)
- DWS - 4.3 (estimated number of wins contributed from a players defense)

Bargnani (31 games)

- PER 18.04
- 19.5 PPG
- 5.5 RPG
- 33.2 MPG
- 28.78 USG
- 53.8 TS%
- 69.4 AST%
- FGA - 15.6
- FG% - 43.2%
- DRtg - 106
- DWS - 0.9

i want you all to look at those numbers for a second. Examine them closely. Note also that Bargnani has NEVER shot 50% from the field in any one of his seasons. Boozer? Hes done it 6 times. Last 3 seasons prior to this one hes shot above 50%. Something else to note. Boozer assisted on more baskets than Bargnani. Boozer almost always has a PER above 17. Bargnani, done it once in a season where he played 31 games. Bargnani took more shots due to the offense running through him more (USG).

Boozer last year received an all NBA defensive team vote. Has Bargnani ever? No. Even looking at defensive stats Boozer has been better. Could that be a result of playing with a good Chicago team? Sure. Bargnani has had a DWS above 1, 2 times. Hes had it above 2, 1 time. Every year Boozer has been in the league its been above 1. Hes been above 3, 3 times. Hes been above 4, 3 times. Hes simply a better defender than Bargnani. That goes back to his Utah days as well.

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