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02-08-2013, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by JamesRanger View Post
Can somebody with more hockey knowledge tell me how Yeo's offensive system is supposed to work? I always see one forward trying to forecheck 2 defenceman which fails 90% of the time. Then they usually concede an easy zone entry and then try to play defense. I have a hard to figuring out where things are going wrong.
Ask and ye shall receive...

Russo on the Wild's "system"

I asked Fletcher about all the criticisms of fans regarding Yeo’s “system,” but before I get to Fletcher’s response to that, I just want to point something out. Trust me, I watch six or seven games a night, travel to every building in this league. The Wild plays the same system as virtually every team in the league. Breakouts are similar, neutral-zone forechecks are similar, style is similar if not identical to other teams, including some of the most successful.

Fans that tweet me daily are agitated with the dump-and-chase. Hey, I hear ya. Like it or not though, this is what this league has become. I understand where this looks counterproductive. The goal is to have the puck, so why when you have the puck, do you intentionally give it away only to exude effort in an attempt to get it back?

That’s a subject for another day. But I promise you, like Vancouver last night, the Wild’s first option through the middle of the ice is to make a play. Players are not being instructed to dump the puck every time they cross the red line. But like virtually every team in this league, they are told that if there’s no option to make a play, if the defense is standing up at the blue line to the point there’s no way into the zone and/or you’re going to turn the puck over at the offensive blue line, the option is to dump the puck because the free ice is behind the opposing D.

BUT, where things are breaking down for the Wild is once they dump that puck, forwards are not doing a good enough job retrieving the puck. It’s either because of bad dumps or players are just not put pursuing the puck with enough oomph or digging the puck out with enough grit.

If you’re dumping and chasing, forwards must be committed to getting on their horse and going to get the puck back. It takes battle, it takes puck support from all five guys on the ice, especially the forwards. The Wild has to get better in this area or it will be completely counterproductive because then what happens is the first period last night – dump the puck, retreat, dump the puck, retreat, and there’s never any sustained pressure in the offensive zone.

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