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02-08-2013, 03:30 PM
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I'm not a coach, but...

Until the Wild shows some kind of success against the NZT, the book is out. Get the defenders in front of the forwards and make them play dump and chase. I am guessing the far side defender will cheat a little to retrieve the puck and the close D always does just a bit of interference to slow down the forechecker and let his partner pick up the puck. Not supposed to be legal, but the refs don't call it like they did 5-6 years ago.

I would guess if the Wild can send two forecheckers in with speed and a third forward to cut off passes or support the forecheck, they'll get the puck more often, get more shots, and get more goals. And then the D will have to back off a bit, which gives the Wild a bit more room. That's one reason they brought in Rupp...he is slow but when he does get into the zone with some speed behind him, the D panics with the puck because they don't want to get killed.

I'll bet the Wild struggles more against defenders that can move really well and play a tight gap vs defenders who are cautious of getting beat and leave a bit more room, allowing the Wild to enter with numbers.

By the same token, the Wild look so much better with Brodin in the lineup because he can play those tight gaps or retrieve the puck. And would look even better with Spurgeon. And another reason Stoner and Falk look really bad against dump and chase.

Dunno...just things to watch for next game.

Edit: Just thinking from when I play hockey, but if you're playing against a D-man who's giving you a ton of room, you can do all sorts of things. Stop and wait for your linemates, cut through the zone and try to split the D, carry the puck along the boards looking for a forward to come in for a one-timer, etc. But against a really good defenseman, they have a tight gap on you, you have to carry the puck to the side or it will get stripped, and your options are to either try and dangle the defenseman (which is NOT ALLOWED in the NHL unless you are a super star or would like to go back to the minors or get stapled to the bench if you miss) or 99% of the time you dump and chase. There's really not any other options. You cross the blue line, and try to chip it past him.

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