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Originally Posted by Dr Jan Itor View Post
If, in fact, it is deemed that the head coach and/or coaching staff is main problem with this team, then of course you have to evaluate the person in charge of appointing those positions.

He told us Richards was "the guy" and he was wrong. He then told us Yeo is "the guy" and apparently a lot of people here believe that he was wrong. When he tells us that the next guy is "the guy" what basis do we have to believe him. I mean, he passed on Hitchcock for Richards.
He should say, this is our ehhh. We need a coach so i found this guy. He was our 3rd choice no one else wanted it.

Yeo seemed liked a good fit at the time. Young, had energy, coached a winning team in Houston. Has something to prove. He has not translated that to coaching talent at the NHL level.

Other than the NHL. Teams that play hard, and fight hard, battles not dropping the gloves can usually win. NCAA, CHL, even the AHL work ethic can be enough. The NHL is a totally different animal. Yeo needs to figure that out. If anything Fletcher choose the wrong direction. We were young and up and coming. Then Suter and Parise. The whole mentality changed. We can no longer wait for a team along with its coach to figure it out. Replace Suter with Dumba and Parise with Zucker and Yeo has a lot more leeway.

Fletcher better get a seasoned bench boss. I do not care who. One that has NHL experiance, that is all. if he goes with another first time head coach, then its on him.

I do not blame Fletcher for Parise and Suter but very few had to have known those two would be here when Yeo was hired.

if you look at assests and liabilities.

Assests youth and stars locked up long term.
We know the kids.
Brodin, MiG, Coyle on EL for three years = cheap starters.
Parise, Koivu and Suter locked up till 17-18

Liabilities terribale contracts that go on for ever. we have none and the sand bags will be off in two years.
PMB 4 mil off next year
Cullen 3.5 off next year
Allready that could be one 7.5 mil FA

Seto and Heater 10.5 combined off in 2 years.
Another star FA

Barker and Parrish off in 2 years.
Thats 1.5 for player TBD.

Brodziak and Mitchel come off when we need to sign the ELC players for more money. We are really set up for a long time.

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