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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Actually he wouldn't have faced all the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots if he'd simply have stopped the rebound. An all-star defense corps couldn't have saved Hasek from facing all the rebounds he himself created.
Well this is just it. Your the "Weatherman" back there, and its your J.O.B. to keep it calm, keep it steady, control the waves incoming & outgoing on the first shot as much as possible. Because of his actions more often than not some serious white caps forming as he performed the Backstroke, the Australian Crawl, Freestyling it all over a frozen surface. Highly entertaining yes, spectacular, sensational, absolutely, just not my idea (in fact, completely anathema to it) of how the position should be played. Additionally, for all the talk of his Supernatural mental & intellectual capacities, lacking in serious skating & puck handling skills, he wasnt "transitional", wouldnt/couldnt see the forest for the tree's in headmanning the puck, catching the opposition in deep, getting the biscuit up to an open winger or whomever. Impossible to accomplish playing from the prone position.... now, Im being hard on him, however, he was/is a one-off, and he's deserving of a top 5 ranking/position. Absolutely.

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