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02-08-2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Broilers View Post
We have dived at least partly because of injuries last couple of season. It is a great possibility it will happen again this season. I am able to wait if we will get good picks and we have a good veterans to help kids growing.

I mean good veterans and it means that they are not just good persons off the ice but are able to help on the ice too. We have four guys who are always injured and we need to get rid of them. They can not help us when we are contending they are helping us to suck lottery balls.


If we just can. I really hope he is not out for season because then we will not get anything in return. If he is back we need to trade him immediately after 10-15 games.


He should be traded before trading deadline because of same reasons than Hemsky. If we are gambling with him we can loose him to UFA without getting anything back.


His trading value is zero but if he recovers somebodsy might take a flyer and then he must be on is way to other destiny


There is no chance to move his contract we just need to hope that he can have a season without injuries when we are pushing for a play off spot. I can live this guy if we can off load others


Either we are trading these guys for some picks or we will dive season 2012-13 too. I am not ready for that. Let us trade them this season, pick top 3 pick and acquire some veterans with good character and ability stay healthy from UFA market next season.

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