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Originally Posted by begbeee View Post
What has Dunham common with BGL? Why are you mixing apples with oranges?
Please stop bringing Laraque into all threads with my posts. It's called offtopic. Thanks.'s your list. If you feel Dunham is #7 or so..fine. His problem was that he couldnt live with his potential. He never translated his talent to NHL level. Jim Carey did more in two seasons than him.
Jim Carey the 2 good seasons and than a complete flop, that Jim Carey?

Like I said and if you would pay attention, the NHL is not the only place you judge a player. He had an outstanding college, AHL and very good international play with some spectacular WJC tourneys.

And BTW, Dunham has almost 2 times more victories than Carey ever played. I don't understand why you put some much value in a peak season over a length of career. Does this mean Paul Coffey is better than Ray Bourque because his peaks are better?

Carey is considered a major flop.

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