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Originally Posted by SDBondra View Post
The tweets at the top of this page seem to indicate that McPhee got up on his soapbox and talked about how he thought everything was fine and that if we stay the course we'll start winning. There was an element of that general attitude but to anyone who watched the press conference it's pretty obvious that he's disappointed, he blames the players for making stupid mistakes or for not stopping pucks and that he's mainly just trying to protect his players' egos by walking a company line.

Seriously ask yourself. Is any GM going to stand up on a podium and say the truth? "Hey guys here's the deal. Carlson is awful. Johansson is awful. Our goalies aren't ready for the NHL. Backstrom is playing like he's asleep. Hamrlik belongs on a rocking chair. Joel Ward has the personality of a piano. Schultz is a liability. Ovechkin only plays hard when everybody else takes the night off. Somehow Mike Green and that little Mexican guy are actually our best players. Our coach is in waaaay over his head with this band of idiots. I'm going to blow up this team. Peace out!"

So what we've missed is a bunch of stuff that wasn't actually said, and is being assumed?

I'm not sure what you think we're supposed to do here. You even said he had the general attitude that matches the quotes. We've seen GMGM stay his hand at the trade deadline because he thought the team was fine when they weren't. We've seen him re-up players we knew were terrible at worst, and not worth it at best. And so on.

So why assume he believes he's done a terrible job and is just lying about it when his track record indicates he seems to think he's doing great? Why shouldn't we want some honesty, or some change?

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