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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
lets have a look at CSKA owner - Rosneft



If we believe these numbers, Rosneft spent approximatelly 761 000 000 USD for social projects last year. How much money does Rosneft spend in CSKA for one season? 30-40 mil USD? Thats nothing for them.

Of course, not every club has Rosneft type of company as sponsor/owner.

Interesting news a few days ago. TNK-BP will sponsor Avtomobilist Ekaterinburg in year 2013. Amount of money is not releaved. Everyone can google about TNK-BP and its connection to Rosneft.
You are absolutely right, Vorky. There is Rosneft, and I believe that the head of the KHL, Aleksandr Medvedev, is the primary owner of Gazprom, which holds a very large percentage of the World's natural gas reserves. These aren't small time players, and they are not fooling around with their investments. They are in it for the long term, and their goal is to build a league that will someday rival the NHL. Whether that will happen, time will only tell. But there is no question that their investment is over the long term, and they are prepared to write off any and all losses in the early years. I have no doubt that that support goes all the way up to Putin, who would not be hesitant to funnel state resources on behalf of the KHL to keep it afloat. To some extent, he already has taken actions that support KHL development.

Building a hockey model to challenge the best in the West isn't unprecedented in Russian history. Back in the late 1940's, people laughed at Anatoli Tarasov when he vowed to create a hockey team that would challenge the NHL, but not by studying or learning from the NHL, but by staying home and building something that was uniquely Russian. Skeptics abounded until September 2, 1972, when the Soviet national team beat Team Canada, a team of NHL all-stars, 7-3, at the Montreal Forum.

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