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02-08-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
I remember GNASH hockey from 10 years ago when I was in high school at Mt. Juliet. We won state going 26-1, had the top 4 scorers in the league and top goalie, and beat Centennial 8-0 in the City Championship game, which was followed by about 60 students rushing the ice and celebrating with the team. Centennial vs MJ was a huge rivalry back then because we were the two best teams, although CHS went like three years without beating us.

There was very little attention given to GNASH back then until me and a few friends started getting other students to go and we were really loud and crazy. Then other schools students didn't want to be shown up by Mt. Juliet so they brought a lot of students anytime they played us, and the cycle continued, and other schools got large crowds and so on and so on. MJ was sort of the hated team back then because we destroyed everyone and our students were admittedly pretty obnoxious. Admission used to be free back then, but after some people from MJ and Page got in a fight in the parking lot, they had to start charging to pay for security. I have no idea what attendance is like these days but back then it was awesome and frequently jam packed. There also was (IDK if there still is) a rule against bringing artificial noisemakers into the rink because for a year I brought a trumpet and used it as a goal horn among other things. Guess it annoyed people. Oops. Glory days.
Going to watch a couple of games at Centennial tonight, but otherwise have been mainly limited to seeing the crowds at A-Game. Support really depends on the school. We've gotten some really good crowds for Centennial games, but then again the school is literally a mile down the road from the rink. Our first game at Centennial this season was on Rink B and the stands were full against JPII, but for our second game there this season against Mt. Juliet it wasn't nearly as full and mainly made up of family and friends. Prior to our first game against JPII the crowd was quite large for Ensworth and I believe MBA. The stands at A-Game were packed for Ravenwood-Brentwood on Wednesday night with both teams celebrating senior night.

Again, it really depends on the team...

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